Monday, July 21, 2014

number five...a trip to the mountains

So we checked off number five from our summer list.  A trip to the mountains with the beans.  We just got home from Wyoming and it was an adventure!  Can it really be called anything less when traveling with three children under the age of five!  I think the trick to traveling with kids is looking for those magical moments and realizing that being on a vacation doesn't mean you won't have melt downs, whining and tired kids.  

So with the expect nothing and appreciate everything approach (my new life mantra!)  we had an outstanding trip!   Targhee Fest is a music festival that was introduced to us by my family who journeyed out last year.  They had such a wonderful time we decided to head out with them this time around.  A small festival with kid friendly activities.  Craft cabin, swimming, horseback riding, euro jumping, and the great outdoors!    

{so much wildlife and this lady hanging by the side of the road}

{my bean and her cousin front row for the show}

 {playing with rocks}

{the guys tent}

{simple combination....lady's mantle, catmint, poppies, and creeping jenny}

{an awesome dad taking his beans for a hike}

{some of my family kicking back}

It was worth the trip!

Happy making, baking, and growing this week folks!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

fence post and tin cans

Well, the work room is coming along bit by bit.  The room itself is only 11 by 11 feet so I am trying to get things up on the walls to save on space.  Today we took an old fence post from the shed and attached some tin cans and we now have a supply organizer for the beans' table.  
{I drilled holes in the cans as well as the post and attached the cans with screws.}

A double bonus because we spent nothing!  

What are you making today???

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop....

I was thrilled to be invited to participate in the Around the World Blog Hop this week by my friends Jennifer and Elaina.  Coming from these ladies, I felt beyond honored! Jennifer's blog Thistlebear is a refreshing place to visit as she creates a handmade home that to me, is reminiscent of the past.   Her makings and everyday doings with her children show her love for the simple beauties in life.  Elaina's blog,  A Little Bit Country  is one that I have admired for many years now.   She shares her journey of life in the countryside of New Zealand where she is raising her crew.  She is a collector of all things vintage and Elaina has her hand in everything from baking to gardening. 

1.  What am I working on

Like all the makers out there I can never keep my mind on one thing.  As soon as I start one project I have one in the back of my mind brewing.  With gardening magazines on my nightstand and inspiration photos in a pile waiting to be hung on my inspiration board, I have yet to master the art of focus!  Obviously the garden is first on the list as there are always plants to be fed and beds to weed!

I'm also working on accomplishing activities with the beans from our summer list.   Our 2014 art show was a success.  Family members came over for the show and the beans made sure everyone had a cookie and lemonade.  It was a memorable day for them.

Beyond the beans and the garden I am completing our new work room little by little.  I have a box on our shelf with projects in process.

They include....2 Christmas ornaments, a scarf that I am crocheting and a sketch of a painting that will be started soon

2.  How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I'm still unsure of what genre I fit into.  Obviously the garden is a large part of my space here so I will take it from that stance first.  I differ from most other garden bloggers mainly because I am only about 7 years into this garden while most of my other gardening pals have been at their space for 15 years or more.  My space is still evolving as I have 3 little beans helping me along as I go.

The front garden...

Coneflower, Balloon flower, Coreopsis (Moonbeam), and Lamb's Ear

Blazing Star

Anise Hyssops (blue fortune), Geranium (Rozanne), Yarrow (Saucy Seduction)

As far as the other genres that I'm passionate about, I feel they could all use a bit more refining and attention.  I have loved fabrics and yarn since I was a child sewing and stitching pictures at my grandmother's house.  It has only been now that I have made a commitment to start journeying into  some of those areas as I am inspired daily by those of you who create with these mediums.

3.  Why do I write/create what I do?

Why do I create....hmmm...I think that it's just in my makeup.  I have been creating and sketching since I was a child.  In college I studied painting and went on to teach.  I write because I create.  And I publish this blog to connect with people I would otherwise not be able to meet.  This blog has been one of the most inspiring experiences in my creative process.  To not only have an outlet to share and get feedback but to learn from so many creative bloggers  has completely enriched my life.

4.  How does my writing/creating process work?

I will be honest with you, I have no process.  With 3 little ones to chase after and 2 more during the school year that I watch in my home, I create and write when I can.  My mom has always given me journals as gifts since I was a small child.  These contain drawings and sketches of garden bed ideas, future paintings, and lists of projects that I would like to accomplish.  I also have a visual inspiration board with fabrics, prints, garden photos and whatever else keeps my mind in line with creating.     

So without further ado I would like to pass on this Blog Hop to a few of the MANY bloggers that I admire...  
(Bloggers if you decide to participate please post the week of July 14th)

Happy making, baking, and growing!

Monday, June 30, 2014


Most of the time I enjoy the movement of things.  New experiences and growth always lead to unexplored places.  Movement in the home and garden also have their place.

 last year...


last year...


It was always the plan to have the 2 bean girls share a room.  The nursery was to become the work room for creating and quiet study time.  Though as the transition neared, I found that this movement stopped me dead in my tracks.  There will no longer be a nursery in our home.  Funny, I have been excited for some time to have a space to create in again.  But now I find that I'm moving through the space clearing it similarly to how you would peel off a band-aid.  Quick and fast.  

The work room is going to be simple.  Found objects and using what we have to create this new place for our family.

Inspiration paper and thrift store chair is the start...

closet cleared and supplies starting to get organized...

The movement of this space is bittersweet. 
But then again I suppose that's life...