Monday, September 17, 2012

we have white flies and it ain't pretty

For a couple of years I have been trying to get my shade garden rocking under our two honeysuckle shrubs.  It is the first view you see when looking out our back door and it looks like crap!

Last year I was laxed about this area and did not address some of the leaf damage on some of my plants.  BAD IDEA!  This spring and summer I was determined to get some sort of vignette going in this bed.  I added about 10 hostas ( 3 different varieties) a lungwort and some lily of the valley.  The lungwort and 2 hostas were the only survivors.

SO what happened....

I thought we had the honeysuckle aphid which would maybe explain why all the plants below were suffering.  I had the tree doc look at the honeysuckles but he said they were fine.  
After doing my research I found that we have white flies.      

I'm not sure if it's the hormones from being 9 months pregnant or just pure frustration but I ripped everything out except the healthy guys.  I know I could have tried to work with some of them but my patience was thin and I needed a clean slate.

Before I started up again I cleared out the bed and trimmed up the honeysuckles.  I also found a couple of helpful articles that I hope will help me in the future.  

I will not give up!

Some combos to get me going.....

Plants to get me back on track....hydrangea, goatsbeard, and existing hosta "Francee"

source unknown

adding rocks throughout

Some nice combinations for shade at the link below...

Hydrangea-Blushing Bride
Japanese Forest Grass
Creeping Jenny
Toad Lily

In the spring I will assess what plants need to be added as well as moving some of my many rocks in to this bed.

I'm feeling better already!


  1. I agree with the clean slate approach! I love the bright fountainy Japanese forest grasses, they should do well there and be a great draw for the eye.

    I will want to see how your goatsbeard does. They are slow to get going, but mine just never grew. At all. I moved it to more shade, but I am ready to give up. I like your idea of hydrangea with the goatsbeard and the low grasses and hostas. This will be really nice.

  2. I didn't know you were pregnant!!!!!! :) You really have the makings for a gorgeous shade garden. I would suggest some astilbe - maybe white to lighten up the area? Also, I have hellebores and they're attention getting from the street. The early season blooms are so great, and if you get a lighter colored flower, that could also lighten up the area. It's pretty much evergreen so that's nice too but some structure in the garden. I have a clematis rooguchi (or something liek that), and that would be pretty on a obelisk or something like that. It grows in deep shade.

  3. Thanks lady! Great suggestions...astilbe is one I have been thinking about. Are they finicky for you??? Clematis is a great thought too..I like the idea of whites to bring in some brightness because it is such a dark space.


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